23 October 2013

It's not the same this year as last

It's not the same this year as last Things now aren't what they were I wonder where my old friends are? New friends already have begun drifting off It's worst of all at this time of year now when the leaves are scattering down When mountains and streams turn somber again Nothing anywhere seems to please Everything I see Fills me with icy loneliness - Ryokan [from: 'Great Fool: Zen Master Ryokan'. Translated by Ryuichi Abe & Peter Haskel]

21 October 2013

3 poems.....................

Pleased to have 3 new poems published on Nic Sebastian’s new “The Poetry Storehouse”. http://poetrystorehouse.com/2013/10/19/peter-ciccariello-poems/ Take a listen to Nic Sebastian’s audio recording of my poem “Today is your advocate”

09 October 2013

Eyes Dark

by Mei Yao-ch’en A darkness disease has seized my eyes. On bright clear days, I Walk through fog, and whatever I see is double. It’s scary. My writing brush scrawls around, lost. People coming toward me look like haze and birds soaring past are a quick blur. No telling what’s what in this confusion, I’m suddenly free of likes and dislikes.