09 December 2009

New York, New York.....

Recent work in group exhibition - 679 3rd Avenue @ 43rd St, New York City, October 2009.

03 December 2009

First and third prizes at the Museum of Computer Art

I am honored to report that my image
"Syzygy V" by Peter Ciccariello was the first place winner in:
Digitalism II: an Extraordinary Contest and Exhibit of Fine Digital Art
"The remains of the poet III" by Peter Ciccariello was awarded third prize in the same show.

Tuesday, November 17 thru Friday, December 11, 2009
Museum of Computer Art
139 11th Street
(between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
Brooklyn, New York 11215

07 September 2009

New work in - Recession Art Sale: A Bailout for the Rest of Us


September 7, 2009, – NEW YORK - Amidst a glass-walled gallery space at 679 3rd Ave (at the corner of 43rd St.), thirty artists and thirty out-of-work professionals will participate in Recession Art Sale, an art and commerce event in the center of Manhattan from September 17 – October 10, 2009.

Recession Art Sale: A Bailout for the Rest of Us
Recession Art Sale combines art and commerce to assist artists and
out-of-work professionals

679 3rd Ave (at the corner of 43rd St.), New York, NY

AFTER THE GOLD RUSH: A Bailout for the Rest of Us, Recession Art Sale will host a diverse group of artists and sellers. The objective is to create income, comment on current shifts in the market economy, and foster a sense of community amongst artists, sellers, and buyers. Unemployed individuals affected by the current economic recession will be engaged as sellers to market the works on exhibit.

Artists will include: Noah Baen, Matthew Beall, Gene de Bartolo, Michele Brody, Peter Cicariello, Thom Corn, Carla Cubitt, Shanee Epstein, Ekterina Existart, Mark Grimm and Amy Cheatle, Karen Gunderson, Janusz Jaworski, Elanit Kayne, KK Kozik, Lorenzo Pace, Gila Paris, Susu Pianchupattana, Yulia Pinkusevich, Thaddeus Radell, Mike and Sherry Rader, Robin Ross, Rafael Rodriguez, Barnaby Ruhe, Charles Seplowin, Frank Shifreen, Lucy Slivinski, Tiffany Sum, & Lane Twitchell.

Hosting the event is Anita Durst’s nonprofit arts organization, Chashama, which has worked successfully with conceptual artist and Executive Producer of Recession Art Sale, Elanit Kayne. In 2002, Kayne’s Times Square installation, "All I Want for Christmas is Nothing: An Experiment in Value", considered sellers’ and buyers’ notions of the relative worth of objects.

Kayne partners with Co-Producer Frank Shifreen, founder of the Gowanus Art Canal Project, to create the Recession Art Sale gallery for 30 top-selling international artists. Shifreen, the New York partner of www.cultureinside.com, an award-winning exhibition site currently available in French, German and English, is hosting the online gallery for the project. Marketing and management consultant and graduate of the Park School of Communication at Ithaca College, Sarah Vaynerman, joins the project as Director of Operations and Marketing.

A multi-channel outreach to sellers was conducted through the use of print and online advertising, job opportunity sites, and social media in order to attract an eclectic group of qualified applicants. While some sellers have a background in the arts (a former employee of the Whitney Museum, Art History graduates), other qualified sellers include former IT workers and teachers and will receive art consultation training. Positions are still available.

View the Official Site of the Recession Art Sale at www.recessionartsale.com and www.cultureinside.com

About Chashama:
Chashama was founded by Anita Durst in 1995 with the central purpose of keeping artists in New York by giving them the space to create. Durst realized that the lack of affordable space was the greatest threat to sustaining a diverse, dynamic, and provocative cultural environment in New York City. Her strategy to address this was to find a way to connect artists with vacant real estate, redistributing the untapped resources available in New York’s urban landscape by partnering with private and corporate property owners. Chashama has converted more than 40 locations, giving 7,500 artists access to subsidized space, which supported approximately 10,000 public presentations for over 500,000 viewers.

Sarah Vaynerman for Recession Art Sale


23 August 2009

the body is there

Sartre says that the body is the locus of the sedimentation of our past experiences all the way back to our birth

07 August 2009

world before word

Gallery Night Providence reception

Just a reminder, all are invited,
Gallery Night Providence reception
BankRI Gallery
One Turks Head Place
August 6 - September 2
'The Virtual Landscape: Pigment Prints by Peter Ciccariello'
 on Thursday, August 20  from 5 to 8:30pm.
Mark Armstrong will play guitar and  refreshments will be  served.

03 June 2009

Astonishing collapse