19 November 2012

The art phone

Phoneography is the art of creating photos with mobile phones.  It is a style of digital photography in which images are shot, processed and often shared directly from a mobile cellular device. The images on this page represent decades of experimentation with digital mediums, which are after all, simply additional artist tools, no more mysterious or controversial than brushes, charcoal and lead pencils. Technology is assistive to the speed of ideas, enabling the user to record, review, and edit visual and written marks almost instantly. The “artist’s hand’ is as evident and manifest in digital imagery as it ever was. Gesture exists inherently in code, in cypher, and in pixel. Touch screen technology has alleviated many of the historical barriers to the artist’s mind to page obstacles.

door, clothes, broom

06 September 2012


Found this invitation to one of my very first exhibitions in Bridgehampton, NY 1981
Front Page Gallery - a group exhibition benefit for the Bridgehampton Sun (Exhibtion included Alfonso Ossorio, John Little, David Porter, Roy Nicholson, Robert Giard, Charles Addams, among others) 1981 In some very fine company here! 
- Peter Ciccariello

12 July 2012

Eat Spirit Eat

If ever there was a post post-modern Dada comedy, this is it!

 “Eat Spirit Eat”

That's my daughter, Adriana Mather, in the striped socks (in the starring role). This film was written by James Bird and directed by Anya Remizova, James Bird, and Adriana Mather. All three of these people were involved with soon to be released film 'Chasing Shakespeare,' starring Danny Glover.
Take a look at their Facebook page for photos, cast and details. http://tinyurl.com/cr2ae8o

02 July 2012

First dig two graves

Dig two graves
A cautionary tale

Attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius,"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

The especially obscured poet, reflecting on revenge,
Most notably in fact—the insults
 Poised to condemn in the original regions,
 That forgiveness,the inevitable assailant of fallacy
Starts first from the contrast of vengeance through justice
The familial induced spiral is unable to forgive these ways.

The suffering,  thething,  where elsewhere feuds from burningattempt
This time must come when legality disregards It’s victimhood,  
These gods desire this fallacy,
and condemn the same from yourself

05 June 2012

umwelt XX

#XX from the Umwelt series

Things pass, decay, die and are forgotten, the shadow, the shul of what things were remains. Our own shadow flickers with this passing light like fireflies in an open field, this is our dance, this is our question, this is our eternity.


n     (Biology, psychol)   the environmental factors, collectively, that are capable of affecting the behaviour of an animal or individual  
     (C20: from German Umwelt environment)