25 July 2011

Twelve proofs we are alive

Twelve proofs that we are alive

(to be confirmed several times each day)

  1. the immeasurable effervescence on the unexposed underside
  2. that I can speak to you through contradiction
  3. the sound of things as they are
  4. the brittle sandpaper of your twilight
  5. the ring of dread that follows a participle
  6. unanswered electromagnetism
  7. those tiny electrical fires in your somnolence
  8. finding unrecognizable objects in proximity to your expectations
  9. answering unasked questions too quickly
  10. unbearable heat under the mask as it swiftly peels away
  11. the folly of disguised clockworks
  12. the ache of the unexplained being the most difficult religion to denounce

1Excludes the ground of being objection, proof of specific ground context; or excluding specific grounds of record, any apparent case with known evidence as the context; or known ruling or ruling of obvious error or evidence.